Tuesday, 10 April 2018

St John Visit

Yesterday we were visited by Nikoli from St John. 

We learnt about oxygen tanks and how they help us if we need it. 

We got to feel the air on our hand and if we were brave enough we could put it up to our face. 

Leo and Grace were lucky enough to put on some of the St John uniform.

We pretended that Andrea had fallen off her skateboard and Leo and Grace had to help bandage her up. 

Then we all got together with a partner and practiced using a bandage on their leg or arm. 

 Thank you so much for coming to visit us St John! We learnt so much.


  1. Wow! How exciting room 9, these photos are great, what an awesome time you had.
    (Josh's mum)

  2. Looks like you all had fun bandaging each other.

  3. Great to see you learning Life Skills with our good-sorts from St John's. You never know when you might have to dial 111 to save a family member. Always remember your letterbox number and road so that an ambulance can get to you.