Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Frozen Hand Experiment

Yesterday Room 9 did an experiment with water and a glove. 
Mrs Burge filled a glove with some water and we all passed it around and talked about how soft and squishy it was. We learnt that the water on the inside of the glove is a liquid. 

Then Mrs Burge showed us a glove that she had put in the freezer the day before. It was so different to the glove we just felt! 
This one was hard. It was also freezing! 
We found out that even though there is still water inside, it was not a liquid anymore. It had turned into a solid!

 Here is Emily holding the water hand and Eric holding the frozen hand. Look how different they are!

Once we took the glove off we all felt the frozen hand. We noticed that the frozen hand was starting to melt as we all touched it. It was turning back into a liquid!

We left the frozen hand to sit during the day, We came back to check on it at different times to see how much it had melted. 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

The AMAZING Sunnyhills Colour Run

Today was Sunnyhills first ever colour run! We all turned up in our nice, clean Colour Run t-shirts 

Mr Burge, Mrs Burge, Emily and Lydia were all set!
Miss Bycroft and Mrs Burge were all ready for the bomb the teacher!

At the end, we all threw the powder up into the air!

Look at what happened to us all!!!!!

Thank you PTA members - That was a day to remember!!!!!

Week 2 Certificates

We had four children receive certificates at this weeks whole school assembly!

Alvin and Emily received Principal's Awards for their hard work in the classroom. 

Ellen and Carlos received their special awards for helping out in the working bee. 

Well done!

Scooter Training

Andy from Auckland Transport came to Sunnyhills School this week to teach us how to scooter safely.

There are 2 very important things we need to wear when we are riding a scooter. 1. A helmet (that fits) 2. Shoes You know your helmet is put on correctly when you remember the rule 2, 4, 1. 2 - you have to have only a 2 finger space between your eyebrows and the start of your helmet 4 - there should be 4 straps around your ears 1 - only 1 finger should fit between your chin and the strap of your helmet. 

The Travelwise leaders came around and checked that our helmets were all on correctly. 

We were put into groups to practice different scooter skills such as emergency stop, braking and what to do when going over a pedestrian crossing.

Here we are practicing our scooter skills!

 We all had such a great time at scooter training!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Today to spark our new Science Inquiry, we had a science rotation. We moved round from Room 9a to Room 8, Room 12, Room 13, Room 10 and Room 9. In each room, we did a different experiment. In Room 9a, we wrote secret, invisible messages using lemon juice and when it dried, they were ironed to reveal the secret message.
In Room 8, we did the coke and mentos experiment.
In Room 12, we made ooblick.
In Room 13, we made a volcano eruption.
In Room 10, we made sugar dissolve.
And in Room 9, we did a colour changing milk experiment.

What a fantastic way to start our new Inquiry.......what will we do next I wonder???

Monday, 22 October 2018

Ambury Farm Trip

What a fun start to Term 4!
We had such a wonderful trip to Ambury Farm!
Have a look at all the photos from the day below. 

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Week 10 Certificates

Well done to Tom and James who both received Principal's certificates at the last assembly of Term 3. 
Great work boys!