Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Today to spark our new Science Inquiry, we had a science rotation. We moved round from Room 9a to Room 8, Room 12, Room 13, Room 10 and Room 9. In each room, we did a different experiment. In Room 9a, we wrote secret, invisible messages using lemon juice and when it dried, they were ironed to reveal the secret message.
In Room 8, we did the coke and mentos experiment.
In Room 12, we made ooblick.
In Room 13, we made a volcano eruption.
In Room 10, we made sugar dissolve.
And in Room 9, we did a colour changing milk experiment.

What a fantastic way to start our new Inquiry.......what will we do next I wonder???


  1. Wow these experiments are just awesome!
    Josh came home telling us all about them, he especially liked the coke and mentos one.
    What a fun day :)
    (Josh's mum)

  2. Wow what fun doing lots of different experiments. I've done all those different experiments and it shows you how much fun learning about chemical reactions is!