Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Big Walk

Last Monday, all of Sunnyhills School went for a big walk. 
Room 9a joined up with Room 5 and Room 9 went with Room 6. 
It was nice having some big buddies to help keep us safe on the walk. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Skittles Experiment

Last week Room 9 and 9a did an experiment with Skittles. 
We first put the skittles in a circle on a plate. 

Then we poured some warm water around the outside. 
The colours all started moving around the plate! 


We talked about how the colours were dissolving off the bottom of the skittles and into the water. 
We had a rainbow on a plate at the end!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Diwali Performers

Last week we had some amazing performers come to Sunnyhills School and perform for us. 

They danced, played cultural instruments and shared some of their traditions and culture with us. 

This was an awesome way to celebrate in preparation for Diwali this week.

Yesterday we had some children come dressed up for Diwali. They looked wonderful!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Following up from the frozen hand experiment

As a little treat to follow up from the frozen hand experiment we looked at ice-blocks.
They started off as a liquid, we put them into the freezer and they turned into a solid.
When we added the heat from our hands and tongue, the solid started to melt and turned back into a liquid.

Another fun example of reversible change. 

The Milk Experiment

We did the milk experiment as an ignition for Writing

We started off by putting milk on a plate. Then we added drops of food colouring.

Miss Bycroft put some washing up liquid onto a cotton bud and dipped it into the milk. The milk looked like it was running away from the cotton bud!

 It was very colourful.
The science behind this experiment is...
The dish soap does not mix with the milk. Instead it floats on top and spreads over the surface. As it spreads, it grabs the food colouringSoap is a "degreaser" so the molecules in it are attacking the fat in the milk, causing motion which creates the swirling of the colours.

National Shake Out!

We had a National Shake Out Practice
We had to 

We did some Writing about it. Come into our class and read what we wrote. It will help to tell you what to do if we ever have a real earthquake.

Koru Whanau Poetry Festival

On Friday we had our first Koru Whanau Poetry Festival. The children from Room 9 and Room 9a did such an amazing job when saying their poems in the class. We were so proud of everyone! It was so hard to only pick three!

Room 9a finalists did a great job reciting their poem from memory!

James loved performing in front of an audience

Jayden enjoyed reciting his poem
Ellen did a fantastic job.

Room 9 finalists also recited their poems from memory!

Claire did a great job
Oscar was super confident
Josh thoroughly enjoyed reciting his poem
The children earned their certificates. They did an awesome job!

Well done to our finalists Jayden, Oscar, Ellen, Josh, James and Claire who did so well reciting their poem in front of so many people!