Monday, 22 October 2018

Ambury Farm Trip

What a fun start to Term 4!
We had such a wonderful trip to Ambury Farm!
Have a look at all the photos from the day below. 


  1. What an awesome day!!! thank-you so much to the teachers (for organising it) and the parent helpers for giving the children such a brilliant farm experience :-) (Rose-Elizabeth's Mum)

    1. This looks like you all had a great trip, so many animals, how fun!
      (Josh's mum)

  2. That was definitely the BEST school trip ever!!!

    Thanks for letting me come along and learn something new as well.

    I learned that a 'Snood' is the long hangy wobbly bit on a Turkey's nose and that when they are eating it tightens up into a shape like a horn, so they don't accidentally eat it!

  3. What a wonderful trip to Ambury Farm! You obviously learnt a lot about the animals and had a great time too.