Sunday, 28 October 2018

The AMAZING Sunnyhills Colour Run

Today was Sunnyhills first ever colour run! We all turned up in our nice, clean Colour Run t-shirts 

Mr Burge, Mrs Burge, Emily and Lydia were all set!
Miss Bycroft and Mrs Burge were all ready for the bomb the teacher!

At the end, we all threw the powder up into the air!

Look at what happened to us all!!!!!

Thank you PTA members - That was a day to remember!!!!!


  1. What a fantastic effort from the PTA and what a fun day it was for my family, the children at Sunnyhills and the whole community! Wow! Fantastic effort!
    From Mrs Burge

  2. The Colour Run looked such fun. Unfortunately I was away for the weekend. The powder squirted onto your plain t-shirts and bodies made you all look very colourful.