Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Frozen Hand Experiment

Yesterday Room 9 did an experiment with water and a glove. 
Mrs Burge filled a glove with some water and we all passed it around and talked about how soft and squishy it was. We learnt that the water on the inside of the glove is a liquid. 

Then Mrs Burge showed us a glove that she had put in the freezer the day before. It was so different to the glove we just felt! 
This one was hard. It was also freezing! 
We found out that even though there is still water inside, it was not a liquid anymore. It had turned into a solid!

 Here is Emily holding the water hand and Eric holding the frozen hand. Look how different they are!

Once we took the glove off we all felt the frozen hand. We noticed that the frozen hand was starting to melt as we all touched it. It was turning back into a liquid!

We left the frozen hand to sit during the day, We came back to check on it at different times to see how much it had melted. 


  1. We learnt a lot doing this experiment. One of the things we learnt was that the water was a liquid - a solid - a liquid again. This is a reversible change! What a lot of fun!
    From Mrs Burge

  2. Room 9 I love the water in a glove experiment. Great learning that the water on the inside of the glove is a liquid and then it turns into a solid when it is frozen.

  3. When Josh told me he did science with a frozen hand at school I had to ask a few more questions to find out just what he meant! What a great way to learn about changes of water to a solid, very cool room 9