Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Buddhist Temple

We waited outside to be put into our groups. 

We learnt about Buddha


Pouring water over Buddha.

Writing a wish.

Making a wish at the wishing bell.

We created some lotus flowers.

Carlos and Oscar got to put on a police uniform. They looked so good!


  1. Think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds - 3 Gs
    give others convenience, give others confidence, give others joy, give others hope - 4 Gs
    What wonderful messages. If we all did that the world would be a better place

  2. What wonderful messages. Thank you for the opportunity. It looked like a very fun outing. Lovely to see the colours and the sun shining. From William's mum, Kate

  3. This was such an awesome trip! I was really lucky to get to go with team 9 while I've been here. They were all so well behaved and all made a really big effort with answering questions and joining in the discussions. I was very proud of them!

  4. The temple is a special place to visit. The buildings and the gardens are so beautiful and I feel peaceful. I also think the lessons we learn from the 3Gs and 4Gs help us be super Sunnyhills citizens. Do you agree?